December 18, 2022

Learn about the different types of handmade jewelry that exist

Handmade jewelry is increasingly used by brands of jewelry, costume jewelery or fashion accessories and it is that they provide a unique design with incredible quality.

What is handmade jewelry?

Handmade or handmade jewelry is that which is made by an artist without the use of a manufacturing machine. The pieces that are produced under this type of jewelry are variants and can range from simple earrings or bracelets, to pieces that take days and specialized techniques to get ready.

Regardless of the pieces that are produced, artisan jewelry is about an artist individually creating pieces using their hands, in addition to basic tools.

Currently, more and more customers are deciding on handmade jewelry before industrial or produced jewelry.

Exclusivity in design

One of the main qualities of handmade jewelry pieces is that they offer unique pieces, each piece, even if it is the same design, was created in a unique moment.

When you decide on a piece of handmade jewelry, you decide on the history of the design and the artist who made it.

Types of handmade jewelry

There are various types of handmade jewelry available, we mention some of the best known, perhaps your jewelry brand can be identified in one of the categories.

assembled jewelry
This is usually the way that many jewelry, costume jewelry or fashion accessories brands start their businesses. This is hand-assembled jewelry.

The creation of the pieces and designs is made from other prefabricated pieces, such as chains, pendants or similar materials.

wire jewelry
This is quite a popular craft jewelry technique. Artists who create these types of pieces often bend the wire and create elaborate shapes or designs, often to create earrings or stone charms.

This type of handmade jewelry uses goldsmithing techniques to generate different styles of jewelry. The most common are rings with precious stones, even pieces that are considered works of art.

The manufacture of this type of jewelry takes time and dedication and requires specialization in the techniques on the part of the artist who makes them.

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Artists who create beaded pieces often use a single strand to create bangles, bracelets, or necklaces. This form of handcrafted jewelry allows the artist’s creativity to take flight, creating from the simplest to the most complex designs.

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